Ken-Betwa Interlinking Project

  Jan 05, 2022

Ken-Betwa Interlinking Project

Q What is the context  ?

A The Union Cabinet has approved the funding and implementation of the Ken-Betwa river interlinking project at the 2020-21 price level.

Q What are some details about Ken-Betwa Interlinking Project ?

  1. Phase-I: Daudhan dam complex and its appurtenances like Low Level Tunnel, High Level Tunnel, Ken-Betwa link canal and Power houses
  2. Phase-II: Lower Orr dam, Bina complex project and Kotha Barrage


Q What is Utility of the Project ?

Q What are the hurdles in project ?

Q What is history of River Interlinking in India ?

Q When was the beginning of River – Interlinking in India ?

  1. Northern Himalayan rivers inter-link component
  2. Southern Peninsular component
  3. Intrastate rivers linking component

Q What are the Objectives of inter-linking ?

Q What are prospects of River inter-linking ?

 Q What are Advantages offered by river inter-linking ?

Q What are Issues with such projects ?

Q What are Criticisms of such projects ?