Karnataka’s Anti-Conversion Bill

  Jan 21, 2022

Karnataka’s Anti-Conversion Bill

Q What is the context  ?

A Amid opposition, the Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill, 2021, was introduced in the Assembly.

Q What is the Bill about?

Q What are key features of the Bill ?

A (1) Filing of Complaints

(2) Punishment and fines

Q What about willful conversion?

Q What will be the Impact of non-conformance ?

Q What happens once the Conversion is held valid?

Q How many states have enacted the legislation?

Q How has Parliament handled anti-conversion bills?

A After independence, Parliament introduced a number of anti-conversion bills which were not enacted for want of majority approval.

Q  What does constitution says about Religious conversion ?

Q What is the Core issue ?

A Prevalence of Inter-faith Marriage

Q What are issues with such laws ?

A The anti-conversion laws have been challenged on the ground that innocent persons were being booked under these Acts.

Q What about Incentivised Conversions?

For them, the solution lies in addressing the root issues:

  1. Ending discrimination
  2. Providing high quality and free education to the poor and disenfranchised
  3. Improving access and quality of free health facilities and medicines
  4. Improving nourishment and
  5. Providing adequate employment opportunities to all

Q What can be Way forward ?