ISRO and foreign satellites

  Mar 12, 2020

ISRO and foreign satellites

India so far launched satellites from US, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Spain and other countries- about 275   foreign satellites. The launch of these foreign satellites has been commercially contracted through Antrix Corporation Limited.

India's military satellites

What are the satellites launched by ISRO for defence purposes?

ISRO military satellites

Mention them

1. Microsat

2. Emisat

3. Risat

4. Cartosat

Briefly describe them

ISRO began 2019 with two surveillance satellites being launched for the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The first was MicroSAT launched in January, which reportedly served as target practice for DRDO's controversial anti-satellite test conducted on 27 March. The second was EMISAT, an electronic intelligence satellite for DRDO that was launched on the PSLV-C45 mission in April.

ISRO also made history by successfully launching EMISAT, a military satellite. The 436 kg EMISAT is meant for electromagnetic measurement. 

EMISAT satellite has three innovative experiments attached: AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation), Automatic Identification System, and the third one is built by the students of IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT) is a series of remote sensing satellites built and operated by ISRO.

CartoSAT-3: CartoSAT-3 is built specifically for defence capabilities with advanced remote sensing tools. CartoSAT-3 will be a leap of advancement over CartoSAT-2, with far better spatial range and resolution.

How do they help?

They help to "enhance surveillance capabilities" of the country's security forces and boost "strategic assets" in space are.