Invading Vietnam’s waters

  Jun 19, 2020

Invading Vietnam’s waters

What is the Issue?

Relentless Chinese pressure may be forcing Vietnam to consider the hitherto unthinkable – an alliance with the US. While growing public anger about Hanoi’s restrained response to Chinese maritime aggression is pushing the government to take China to the international court, for the first time an influential voice has publicly called for alliance with the United States.


How does Vietnam view Chinese action?

What is the response of Vietnam?

Marking a stunning departure from the traditional approach, Hoang a former senior official of the Party who is said to remain influential with top leadership, writes that in order to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty it should consider a military alliance. “Of all Vietnam’s strategic partners, one has already exposed itself as the very aggressor that plots to take over our East Sea,” he notes referring to China. 

China is always termed Vietnam’s “comprehensive strategic partner” whereas the US is called just a “comprehensive partner”. 

Now, alluding to the US, Hoang writes, “another country, though not yet a strategic partner, has already spoken out early and strongly in support of our sovereignty. In my opinion, given that reality, the latter country deserves to be our strategic partner – even if it had done us wrong before.”


Hanoi may be far from contemplating such a move but the fact that such views are being aired might give Beijing pause.