Jan 13, 2021


Q. What is the context? 

Q. What is the Need for Coastal Security? 

Q. What are the issues in Maritime domain?

Q. What is the Coastal Security System? 

173 marine commandos deployed in Gujarat coastal areas | DeshGujarat

Q. What is Government Initiatives in Coastal Security Infrastructure? 

Q. What are Initiatives After 26/11 Mumbai Incident? 

Q. What are some of the other Remedial Measures taken? 

(i) The Indian Navy has been designated as the authority responsible for overall maritime security which includes coastal security and offshore security. The Indian Coast Guard has been additionally designated as the authority responsible for coastal security in territorial waters including areas to be patrolled by Coastal Police . 

(ii) Training to Policemen deployed in coastal police stations is imparted by Indian Coast Guard. 

(iii) The Government of India has decided to set up Marine Police Training Institute (MPTI) one each on the East Coast and the West Coast in order to impart training to Marine Police Personnel . 

(iv) Ministry of Shipping has been mandated to streamline the process of compulsory registration and identification of all types of vessels. 

(v) Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries has been mandated to issue biometric ID cards to all the fishermen. 

(vi) The Coast Guard has been mandated to create a chain of radar sensors along the Indian coastline. 

(vii) Navy has set up 4 joint operation centres at Mumbai, Viskhapatanam, Kochi and Port Blair under the charge of existing naval Coastal Defence. 

(viii) A Sagar Prahari Bal with a special force comprising of 1000 specialized personnel and 80 Fast Interceptor Crafts for force security protecting of naval bases has been raised.

Q. What are the Issues yet to be resolved?

Q. What is the way forward?