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In the context of intellectual property,

  Sep 20, 2016

In the context of intellectual property, what are moral rights?

Moral rights are rights of creators of copyrighted works which are generally recognized in law. Moral rights are personal rights that connect the creator of a work to their work. They are about being properly named or credited when artiste’s work is used. Moral rights require that artiste’s name is always shown with his work. This is called right of attribution. For example:
  • artiste’s name should always appear next to artwork in an exhibition
  • artiste’s name should always appear in the credits of a film he performed in
  • artiste’s name should always appear with any writing he have published
Anyone who creates artistic works, dramatic works, musical works, literary works or films have morals rights in relation to their work. Performers in live performances or in recorded performance also have moral rights relating to their performance. Moral rights also require that artiste’s work is not treated in any way that hurts his reputation. No one can change artiste’s work without his permission.