Sep 10, 2017


Hortinet is an integrated traceability system developed by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) for providing Internet based electronic services to the stakeholders for facilitating farm registration, testing and certification of Grape, Pomegranate and Vegetables for export from India to the European Union in compliance with standards. This mobile app initiative is expected to increase the accessibility and reach of the Traceability software system among the farmers and other stakeholders.

This new Mobile app will also assist State Horticulture/ Agriculture Department to capture real time details of farmers, farm location, products and details of inspections like date of inspection, name of inspecting directly from field.

Through this App not only the process of farmer and farm registration will become convenient but laboratory testing of product samples will also become easier. The level of agricultural exports is low considering that we have enormous population and most of what is produced is consumed domestically. Though we have only 2.2% share yet we are amongst the top 10 players in global agricultural trade. The efforts made by APEDA in promoting exports especially the use of traceability software has benefitted Indian agricultural trade and ensuring that importing countries get the product of  quality and standards that they desire.