Hooch Tragedy: Illicit liquor consumption

  Aug 25, 2020

Hooch Tragedy: Illicit liquor consumption

Q. Why is this in news?

Q. What is Illicit Liquor or Hooch?

• Alcoholic beverages are made by fermentation of sugary and starchy substances, followed by distillation to increase alcohol concentration. The active ingredient in them is ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

• Adulteration: While illicit alcohol is produced under unregulated circumstances and is often adulterated with chemicals like methanol, organo-phosphorus compounds and ethanol to save costs.

Q Why is this toxic often and cause death?

Q. What are Constitution Provisions for liquor?

• Article 47: State shall endeavour for the prohibition of the consumption of intoxicating drinks and of drugs except for medicinal purposes.

• Article 21 (Right to life and liberty): Consumption of liquor leads to degradation of human dignity.

• Article 38: Function of the Republic is to secure socioeconomic justice.

Q. What is legal status for same?

Alcohol prohibition is a state subject with each state having full control of alcohol legislation, state excise rates and the organization of production and sale of alcohol.

Q. What might be Reasons for Repeated Incidents?

Q. What are Impacts of Sale and Consumption of Illicit Liquor?

Q. What are some possible solutions?