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Hong Kong International Convention

  Jul 08, 2020

Hong Kong International Convention

What is Hong Kong International Convention, 2009? Discuss the merits of India's decision of accession to the Hong Kong International Convention in 2019? 

The Hong Kong International Convention, 2009 is for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships. It has not yet entered into force. The convention has been designed to try to improve the health and safety of current ship breaking practices. The Hong Kong Convention recognised that ship recycling is the most environmentally sound way to dispose of a ship at the end of its life, as most of the ship’s materials can be reused. The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for enactment of Recycling of Ships Bill, 2019 and accession to the Hong Kong International Convention for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. 

Merits of this move 

  1. India is the leader in the global ship recycling industry, with a share of over 30% of the market. 
  2. As per UNCTAD report on Review of Maritime Transport, 2018, India had demolished 6323 tonnes in 2017, of known ship scrapping across the world. 
  3. The ship-recycling industry is a labour-intensive sector, but it is susceptible to concerns on environmental safety. 
  4. This is aimed at ensuring that ships being recycled after reaching the end of their operational lives do not pose any unnecessary risks to human health, safety and the environment. 
  5. Would also help India to generate more business in Ship recycling.