Hate Speech

  Feb 03, 2022

Hate Speech

Q Why is it in News ?

A A recent religious conclave has witnessed inflammatory and provocative speeches by some religious proponents hinting at a Myanmar-type ‘minority cleansing campaign’.

Q What is ‘Hate Speech’?

Q How is it treated in Indian law?

I. Section 153A:

II. Section 505:

505(1): Statements conducing to public mischief

505(2): It is an offence to make statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes.

505(3): Same offence will attract up to a five-year jail term if it takes place in a place of worship, or in any assembly engaged in religious worship or religious ceremonies.

Q What has the Law Commission proposed?

 A The Law Commission has proposed that separate offences be added to the IPC to criminalize hate speech quite specifically instead of being subsumed in the existing sections concerning inflammatory acts and speeches.

A. Inserting two sections

Section 153C

It is an offence if anyone-

Section 505A

B.  Imprisonment

Q What are other committees’ recommendations ?

Q Why regulate hate speech?

Q What are issues in regulating hate speech ?

Q What lies ahead?