Government questions methodology of Global Hunger Index

  Mar 24, 2021

Government questions methodology of Global Hunger Index

Q. What is the news?

The government has questioned the methodology and data accuracy of the Global Hunger Index (GHI) report, alleging that children considered healthy were also counted to determine the ranking.

Q. What’s the issue?.

In the latest report, India was ranked below countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar when it was among the top 10 food-producing countries in the world.

India was ranked at the 94th position out of 107 countries that were studied.

Q. What is Global Hunger Index?

The report is a peer-reviewed publication released annually by German organization Welthungerhilfe and Irish organization “ Concern Worldwide” .

It tracks hunger at global, regional and national levels.

Q. How are Countries ranked?

The GHI scores are based on a formula that captures three dimensions of hunger—insufficient caloric intake, child undernutrition, and child mortality—using four component indicators:

Q. What are the findings of the report?