Glasgow Climate Pact analysis

  Dec 02, 2021

Glasgow Climate Pact analysis

Q What is the context  ?

A The Glasgow Climate Pact was adopted recently and, as was to be expected, it is a mixed bag of modest achievements and disappointed expectations.

Q What is stand of Fossil Fuel ?

A Transition away from fossil fuel

Q How was Recognition of Adaptation ?

Q What was the disappointment on the issue of finance ?

Q What has been Initiatives on methane and deforestation ?

Q What are Implications of US-China Joint Declaration on Climate Change for India ?

Q What can be way forward ?

A As in the past, the can has been kicked down the road, except that the climate road is fast approaching a dead-end. What provides a glimmer of light is the incredible and passionate advocacy of urgent action by young people across the world. This is putting enormous pressure on governments and leaders and if sustained, may become irresistible.