Glasgow Agreement

  Dec 01, 2021

Glasgow Agreement

Q Why is it in News ?

A The Glasgow Agreement was finally adopted after a last-minute intervention by India to water down language on “phasing out” coal to merely “phasing down”.

Q What are some details about Glasgow Agreement ?

Q What was achieved?

A [1] Mitigation:

  1. To strengthen their 2030 climate action plans, or NDCs (nationally-determined contributions), by next year
  2. Establish a work programme to urgently scale-up mitigation ambition and implementation
  3. To convene an annual meeting of ministers to raise ambition of 2030 climate actions
  4. Annual synthesis report on what countries were doing
  5. To convene a meeting of world leaders in 2023 to scale-up ambition of climate action
  6. Countries to make efforts to reduce usage of coal as a source of fuel, and abolish “inefficient” subsidies on fossil fuels
  7. Phase-down of coal, and phase-out of fossil fuels. This is the first time that coal has been explicitly mentioned in any COP decision.

[2] Adaptation:

  1. Asked the developed countries to at least double the money being provided for adaptation by 2025 from the 2019 levels.
  2. Created a two-year work programme to define a global goal on adaptation.

[3] Finance:

[4] Accounting earlier failures

The pact has:

[5] Loss and Damage:

The frequency of climate disasters has been rising rapidly, and many of these caused largescale devastation.

[6] Carbon Markets:

Q What is the Parallel Processes announced ?

A A lot of substantial action in Glasgow happened in parallel processes that were not a part of the official COP discussions.