EWS income Criteria

  Feb 04, 2022

EWS income Criteria

Q What is the context  ?

A A government committee report in the Supreme Court has said that “income” is a “feasible criterion” for defining the “Economically Weaker Sections” (EWS) in society, and the annual family income of ₹8 lakh is a “reasonable” threshold to determine EWS.

Q What are Centre’s Argument?


Q What is EWS Quota , what is its background ?

Q What is significance of the quota ?

Q What are the criteria to identify the section?

  1. Five or more acres of agricultural land
  2. A residential flat of 1,000 sq.ft. and above
  3. A residential plot of 100 square yards and above in notified municipalities, and
  4. A residential plot of 200 square yards and above in other areas

Q What are the court’s questions about the criteria?

Q What is the current status of the EWS quota?

Q What are practical issues with EWS Quota ?

A The EWS quota will come in for judicial scrutiny soon. But it’s not only a matter for the judiciary, India’s Parliament should revisit the law too.

Q What can be way forward ?