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Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat

  Nov 05, 2022

Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat

Q. Why is this in news?

A. Recently, Government of India has announced a month-long programme named the ‘Kashi-Tamil Sangamam’ “to strengthen” and “rekindle” the cultural and civilisational bond between Tamil Nadu and Varanasi.

  • This programme would be a part of the Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat initiative.

Q. What is Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat?


  • Launched: It was launched in 2015 to promote engagement amongst the people of different States/UTs so as to enhance mutual understanding and bonding between people of diverse cultures, thereby securing stronger unity and integrity of India.

Q. Which is the Ministry Involved?

A. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education.

  • Activities Under the Scheme: Every State and UT in the country would be paired with another State/UT for a time period, during which they would carry out a structured engagement with one another in the spheres of language, literature, cuisine, festivals, cultural events, tourism etc.

Q. What are its Objectives?


  • Create the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally existing emotional bonds between the people of our Country.
  • Promote the Spirit of National Integration through a deep and structured engagement between all Indian States and Union Territories through a year-long planned engagement between States.
  • Showcase the rich Heritage and Culture, Customs and Traditions of either State for enabling people to understand and appreciate the diversity that is India, thus fostering a sense of common identity.
  • Establish long-term Engagements.
  • Create an environment which promotes learning between States by sharing best practices and experiences.