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EatSmart Cities Challenge

  May 25, 2021

EatSmart Cities Challenge

Q Why is it in News?  

Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched the EatSmart Cities Challenge. The challenge aim at creating an environment of right food practices and habits. 

Q What is EatSmart Cities Challenge?  

  • The EatSmart Cities Challenge is envisioned as a competition among cities to recognize their efforts in adopting and scaling up various initiatives under Eat Right India.
  • The challenge is open to all Smart Cities, capital cities of States /UTs, and cities with a population of more than 5 lakh.

Q What are its objectives and significance? 

  • Objective: It aims to motivate Smart Cities to develop a plan that supports a healthy, safe and sustainable food environment supported by institutional, physical, social, and economic infrastructure along with the application of ‘smart’ solutions to combat food related issues.
  • Significance: The challenge has a potential to create social and behavioural change towards food safety, hygiene and nutrition.
    Q What are other related initiatives? 
  • Limit TFA:    Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has capped the amount of trans fatty acids (TFA) in oils and fats to 3% for 2021 and 2% by 2022 from the current permissible limit of 5% through an amendment to the Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulations 2011.
  • ‘Raman 1.0’: A new-age, hand-held battery operated device to perform rapid detection (in less than 1 minute) of economically driven adulteration in edible oils, fats and ghee.
  • Food Safety Magic Box: This do-it-yourself food testing kit comprises a manual and equipment to check for food adulterants, which school children can use in their classroom laboratories.
  • Food Safety Mitra scheme: It aims to support small and medium-scale food businesses so as to comply with the food safety laws and will facilitate them with the licensing and registration process, hygiene ratings and training programme.
  • Eat Right Mela: It is an outreach activity for citizens to nudge them towards eating right. It is organised to make citizens aware of the health and nutrition benefits of different types of food.