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Draft Environmental and Social Managemen

  Mar 17, 2020

Draft Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

What is draft Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)?

The draft Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), part of a World Bank-funded project, lays down guidelines for coastal States to adopt when they approve and regulate projects in coastal zones.

Why is it being brought in?

The project aims at enhancing coastal resource efficiency and resilience, by building collective capacity (including communities and decentralised governance) for adopting and implementing integrated coastal management approaches.

Have any states implemented it yet?

So far three coastal States, namely Gujarat, Odisha and West Bengal, have prepared Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans with support from the World Bank. Such plans would be prepared for the selected coastal stretches in other States/UT, the project notes.

What are the proposed activities?

The key activities proposed for coastal zone development that consist of investments by States include: 

  1. Mangrove afforestation/shelter beds, 
  2. Habitat conservation activities such as restoration of sea-grass meadows, eco-restoration of sacred groves, development of hatcheries, rearing/rescue centres for turtles and other marine animals, 
  3. Creation of infrastructure for tourism, 
  4. Restoration and recharge of water bodies, 
  5. Beach cleaning and development, and 
  6. Other small infrastructure facilities.