Donald Trump's “Deal of the Century”

  Mar 13, 2020

Donald Trump's “Deal of the Century”

What is it?

The Trump peace plan, also known as the deal of the century, is an American peace proposal intended to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The plan was authored by a team led by Senior Advisor to the President of the United States Jared Kushner. 

What are its two parts?

The plan is divided into two parts, an economic portion and a political portion. In June, 2019, the Trump administration released the economic portion of the plan.

The economic portion of the plan includes a $50 billion investment fund for many infrastructure and business projects, to be administered by a "multilateral development bank", being funded mostly by Arab states and wealthy private investors made up of loans, grants, and private investment.

The majority of the $50 billion would be spent in the West Bank and Gaza with some in spent in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon so that they get closer to Israel. 

What are the goals of the plan?

The plan's stated goals include creating more than a million jobs, more than doubling the Palestinian GDP, and cutting the poverty rate by 50%.

Kushner has likened the plan to the Marshall Plan to rebuild Western European economies after World War II.

It is a peace plan through prosperity, according to the proponents. 

Why did Palestinian leadership reject it?

It was rejected by the Palestinian leadership as it did not propose to solve their aspiration for a statehood; the emotional issue of Jerusalem; Israeli settlements in West Bank etc.