Describe the unprecedented migrant crisis that the European countries ...

  Dec 23, 2016

Describe the unprecedented migrant crisis that the European countries faced. What are the political consequences of the crisis?

The European migrant crisis arose through the rising number of migrant arrivals in 2015 – a combination of economic migrants and refugees – to the European Union (EU) coming across the Mediterranean Sea and Southeast Europe from areas such as Africa, and the Middle East. Around 270,000 illegal migrants have reached Europe’s shores so far this year, more than in the whole of 2014, itself a record year.

Italy, and, in particular, its southern island of Lampedusa, receives enormous numbers of Africans and Middle-Easterns transported by traffickers operating along the ungoverned coast of the failed state of Libya.

In Poland; 70% oppose taking in asylum-seekers from Africa or the Middle East.

Slovakia wants Christian refugees only. Ban-the-burqa debates have sprung up in the three Baltic states.

As the European Union struggles with migration, northern and eastern members are becoming increasingly wary of issues regarding migration, with politicians increasingly expressing comments seen as racist. Populist parties with anti-immigrant ideology are on the rise: Sweden Democrats, a nationalist party with neo-Nazi roots, topped a poll in Sweden. Some Finnish MPs called on their countrymen to “defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism.” Those countries in the EU that resent common immigration policy may leave the Union.

Brexit is  also cited as an outcome of the fears.