Democracy Report 2022

  Apr 08, 2022

Democracy Report 2022

Q What is the context  ?

A A Sweden-based institute has said that India is no longer an ‘electoral democracy’, classifying the country as an ‘electoral autocracy’ instead.

Q What are some details about the report ?

  1. Liberal Democracy
  2. Electoral Democracy
  3. Electoral Autocracy and
  4. Closed Autocracy

Q What is the report’s methodology?

Q What is the Liberal Democratic Index (LDI) ?

  1. Liberal Component Index (LCI): It measures aspects such as protection of individual liberties and legislative constraints on the executive.
  2. Electoral Democracy Index (EDI): It considers indicators that guarantee free and fair elections such as freedom of expression and freedom of association.
  1. Egalitarian Component Index (to what extent different social groups are equal)
  2. Participatory Component Index (health of citizen groups, civil society organisations) and
  3. Deliberative Component Index (whether political decisions are taken through public reasoning focused on common good or through emotional appeals, solidarity attachments, coercion)

Q What are key highlights of the report ?

Q What does the report say about India?

Q What are concerns raised by the report ?