DAWP (Daily Answer Writing Practice)

  May 19, 2021

DAWP (Daily Answer Writing Practice)

Today's History Question:

"In form and content the Vedic literature is secular" comment.

Model Answer:
First of all, don't justify anything for justification sake.question  is set on the form and content of vedic literature.  It is secular for the reasons;
1. no word called Hindu in Vegas,, nor they say that they belonged to the caste bramhins.
2. The vedic gods are personified forces of nature, the main idea is how you relate yourself to  nature.
3. The essence of vedic literature is dharma, a code of conduct meant for a better life ---
Varna system was meant for a stable  and sustainable system actually based on profession not by birth.The upanishads are universal in form and content,they don't talk about rituals and ceremonies, the questions on life and death, creation ,soul and universal soul have nothing to do with any religion.Mahopanishad talks about  Universal family.   The other parts of Vedic literature like Vedangas are meant to understand  the Vedas in the right sense. Upavedas are meant for making human life safe and secured with subjects like Ayurveda and gandharvaveda.The Epics and puranas main purpose is to prescribe a moral and ethical code for then society . Bagavadgita is universally acclaimed  for its theme man not Hinduism.