Covid-19 has posed a challenge of its own type but India seems to have...

  Jun 08, 2020

Covid-19 has posed a challenge of its own type but India seems to have converted the challenge into an opportunity. Discuss.

  1. India is expected to emerge as one of the main exporters of masks with the habit of its wearing catching up on people worldwide in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. As per a Chennai-based biotech firm, the demand for masks in Europe is expected to be in the order of millions. 
  3. It is said that more than 150 million pieces are needed a month in each European country, including different models of masks.
  4. Each buyer decides on the model of mask every month and some of the major suppliers are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and Argentina.
  5. In Europe, there is a major need for masks manufactured in India for protection against the COVID-19 outbreak since the combined import from China and local production within the European Union is not enough to meet the increasing demand.
  6. China covers only half of the global demand and India can enter the market as the second-largest producer in the world, when the Indian government lifts the ban on export of masks and PPEs.
  7. Indian manufacturers make surgical, respirator and cloth masks and masks with high particulate filtration efficiency and breathability. 
  8. There is a lot of innovation going on, making the masks aesthetically good while providing high protection efficiency.
  9. The Centre is expected to revoke the ban on export of masks soon. When the lockdown is lifted, they will have access to more resources and a testing facility in Coimbatore. Tiruppur will now become a hub for making quality medical textiles.
  10. Masks are currently tested for five parameters and the important ones among these are: bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability, and splash resistance.
  11. Some companies are coming out with woven cloth masks that have anti-bacterial and water-repellent coatings. The masks should be able to meet, probably, more parameters for exports.