Coronavirus in Comparision

  May 08, 2020

Coronavirus in Comparision

Coronavirus is a group of virus whose different versions are responsible to different diseases such as Wuhan coronavirus, Middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS), Severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS), etc.

A comparison:

Wuhan CoronavirusMERSSARSCommon cold
OriginWuhan, 2019Saudi Arabia, 2012Southern China,2002Very long
TransmissionTouching or eating an infected, as yet unidentified animal. Human-to-human transmission occurs through close contact.Touching infected camels or consuming their milk or meat. Believed to have spread from bats, which infected civets.Touching a surface that carries the virus
CasesAround 500 confirmed; 17 deaths as of Jan. 22.2,494 confirmed cases; Mortality rate of 34%.8,098 cases; 774 deaths. Mortality rate of about 10%.Millions as it is very common to catch cold.
Human -to Human ContactYESYES, but limitedYESYES
Current StatusCases reported mainly in Wuhan, as well as other parts of China and Asia.All cases linked to Arabian Peninsula, with 80% in Saudi ArabiaNo new cases reported since 2004. 87% of previous cases in China and Hong KongCirculates year-round, but more common in fall/winter.