Cat Que virus from China

  Oct 05, 2020

Cat Que virus from China

Q. Why is this in news?

Q. What does the study say?

Q. Why was this study undertaken? 

Q. What is the Cat Que virus?

Q. How can humans get infected and is there a cause for concern?

A. Humans can get infected through mosquitoes as well. In the study, scientists note that because of positivity in human serum samples and the replication capability of CQV in mosquitoes, there is only a “possible disease-causing potential” of CQV in the Indian scenario. Further, “Availability of vector, primary mammalian host (swine) and confirmation of CQV from jungle myna signifies the potential of this Orthobunyavirus as a public health pathogen in India,” the study says” (CQV belongs to the genus Orthobunyavirus).

Q. So, is this virus dangerous?

A. It is not clear. Other viruses that belong to the same genus as CQV and are similarly transmitted through mosquitoes include the Cache valley virus that can cause meningitis, the La Crosse virus that can cause paediatric encephalitis, the Jamestown Canyon virus that causes Jamestown Canyon encephalitis and the Guaroa virus that causes febrile illness.