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Analyse the social effects of migration

  Dec 07, 2016

Analyse the social effects of migration from rural to urban areas.

Migration affects bot the area of origin and the area of desintation. The social effects of migration are the following:
  • When more of the same generation migrates, it has a detrimental effect on social structure
  • There is a disproportionate number of females left behind
  • The non-return of migrants causes an imbalance in the population pyramid
  • Returning retired migrants may impose a social cost on the community if support mechanisms are not in place to cater for them
The above may be called the costs. Given below are the benefits:
  • The population density is reduced and the birth rate decreases , as t is the younger adults who migrate
  • Remittances sent home by economic migrants can finance improved education and health facilities
  • caste rigidities  decrease and dalits will benefit
  • women empowerment may take place as urban women are more likely to be educated and work