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18th UIC World Security Congress

  Mar 28, 2023

18th UIC World Security Congress

Q. Why is this in News?

A. The 18th UIC World Security Congress, organised by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the International Union of Railways (UIC), ended with the adoption of the Jaipur Declaration.

Q. What are the Major Highlights of the Jaipur Declaration?


  • Safe and Secure Rail Network:
    • The declaration highlighted the commitment of UIC to work towards providing a more safe and secure rail network across the globe, by also fully activating the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and African regional assemblies by 2025.
  • Adoption of New Technologies and Role of RPF:
    • It called for the adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence 5G, IoT among others to develop comprehensive solutions for Railway Security.

Q. What is Union International Des Chemins?


  • The UIC (Union International Des Chemins) or International Union of Railways established in 1922 is headquartered in Paris.
  • It is the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector for research, development & promotion of rail transport.

Q. What is the Railway Protection Force?

  • About:
    • RPF is the prime security and law- enforcement organisation in the field of Railway Security in India.
    • Constituted as a federal Force in the year 1957, RPF is responsible for security of railway property, passenger and passenger zones.
    • RPF personnel serve the Nation and go the extra mile in their line of duty embodying its tagline “Sewa hi Sankalp- A promise to serve”.
  • Role Played by Railway Protection Force:
    • RPF has played exceptional role towards enhancing passenger security in india through various initiatives such as Operation Nanhe Farishte for rescue of children and Operation AAHT for rescuing women and children from the clutches of traffickers.