Our Courses

  • Online Courses

    All our Online Courses will be available both Live and Recorded. The Students can view the recorded classes as many times as they want till 2021 Main Examination
  • Offline Courses

    Offline Courses

    SRIRAM’s Offline classroom coaching programme will commence in the second half of April 2021 as the Government permits. It is designed to engage you productively for more than 10 months. View Details


Who We Are

We are a premier institute dedicated to training candidates appearing for Civil Services Examination. We have 35 years of experience in guiding candidates successfully to prestigious government positions.

Our faculty is predominantly in house though we do borrow services of distinguished professors and public servants (Civil and Defence).

We have developed techniques and methods for cutting short the learning curve because year on year we get to interact with tens of thousands of fine young minds.

We hesitate to brag about our record of success because much of the work is that of the students.
Rest assured our success rate has been the highest.