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Uploaded on 14/08/2016
Question : Among the   Wholesale Price Index , Producer Price Index, Service Output Price index and Consumer Price Index,  which one is generally the highest and which one the least respectively
Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index
Consumer Price Index and Wholesale Price Index
Wholesale Price Index and Service Output Price index
Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index

Uploaded on 14/08/2016
Question : The following is required for the cumulonimbus clouds to form
an unstable air mass
a lifting force like heat
All the above

Uploaded on 13/07/2016
Question : Quarterly Industrial Outlook Surveys (IOS) are conducted for the assessment of business sentiments. It is conducted in India by
Reserve Bank of India
Central Statistical Office (CSO)
National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)

Uploaded on 12/07/2016
Question : What is money illusion?
Tendency of people to think of currency in nominal, rather than real, terms
Per capita income means all individuals have the same income
Stock market always makes money for its investors
None of the above

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