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Uploaded on 01/12/2016
Question : Sendai Framework is on
Biodiversity conservation
Demonetisation Framework
Disaster Risk Reduction
Tsunami prediction

Uploaded on 30/11/2016
Question : Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for all Kharif and Rabi Crops is fixed by
State Governments
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs of the Union Government
Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP)
Food Corporation of India (FCI)

Uploaded on 29/11/2016
Question : Election Commission of India is conducting pilot of Electronic Transmitted Postal Ballot for service voters. It means all but one of the following
ballot papers will be sent electronically
service voters will send their votes physically
service voters will vote electronically
services voters include those serving in the Armed Forces

Uploaded on 28/11/2016
Question : Withdrawing a minimum amount in the following number of days would make an account "active" under Jan Dhan Yojana

Uploaded on 27/11/2016
Question : Which one of the following statements is correct?
1. Demonetisation impacts foreign exchange rate of the domestic currency
2. Demonetisation impacts general price level in the economy
3. Demonetisation reduces economic growth in the country
4. Demonetisation increases foreign trade surplus
1 and 2 only
1, 2 and 3 only
1, 3 and 4 only
All the above

Uploaded on 25/11/2016
Question : International North-South Transport Corridor will connect India with
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Uploaded on 25/11/2016
Question : Consider the following statements about oilseeds. 
1. In India today, there are mainly nine annual oilseed crops
2. Castor and linseed  are the sources of non-edible vegetable oil
3. India produces 35mt of oilseedsWhich one of the above three statements is correct?
1 only
1 and 3 only
1 and 2 only
1, 2 and 3

Uploaded on 24/11/2016
Question : One of the following is not targeted by the Government of India in the current scheme of demonetisation
all those who hold high denomination currency of Rs.500 and 1000
those who finance terrorism through cash
those who make fake currency
all the above

Uploaded on 23/11/2016
Question : About the Inter State Council which is a Constitutional body, the following is incorrect
It has a Standing Committee of the Inter State Council
Standing Committee of the Inter State Council is headed by the Union Home Minister
Standing Committee of the Inter State Council is composed of Union Cabinet Ministers chosen by the President of India
None of the above

Uploaded on 22/11/2016
Question : Mark the incorrect one from below about Asian Clearing Union (ACU)
has headquarters in Tehran
has 9 member countries including Afghanistan
membership is represented by central banks
None of the above

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