IAS Academy in Delhi
SRIRAM's IAS Academy
came into existence in 1985 to impart quality education to the students preparing for Civil Services Examination. With an experience of 32 years and also after sending a great number of students into various prestigious services, the institute can proudly claim to be the most dependable institute for General Studies guidance programme.

SRIRAM's IAS Academy
is known for its experienced faculty, comprehensive coverage, passionate classes, frequent tests, elaborate explanation, excellent study material and its emphasis on personal attention. Presently, we are the ONLY institute that finishes systematically the entire Prelims and Mains syllabus with a clear timeline. Faculty is very senior and experienced. We renew our reputation on a continuous basis with greater standards year after year. Our material is the best. Our style is simple, effective and formalistic. Our substance is in-depth and relevant.

We have devised courses to meet different needs of students with respect to the demands of the IAS examination. Our regular Courses caters to long term needs of Students for IAS Examination. SRIRAM's IAS Academy  in Delhi has designed courses schedule that covers all topic in a systematic manner. 

SRIRAM’s IAS Academy in Delhi focuses on guidance exclusively in General Studies along with CSAT. This is the ONLY institute which has integrated the preparation of Essay and conduct of TEST SERIES along with G.S Prelim–cum- Mains course. We have four courses in General Studies. They are
I. GS Prelim-cum-Mains (with CSAT): Starts in June/October and ends in March/July next year. Covers Prelims Papers I and II as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY.
II. GS Prelim-cum-Mains(without CSAT): Starts in June/October and ends in March/July next year. Covers Prelims Papers I as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY.
III. CSAT only: Starts in June / October
IV. GS Mains Test Series: Starts just after the declaration of Prelims results and ends in November.
V. GS Prelims Test Series: Starts in Jan/Feb and continues till July.
VI. Interview: Couple of classes are held for all hopefuls before the results of the Mains Exam. Course starts after the declaration of Mains result.

General Studies is now essence of IAS Examination. SRIRAM's IAS Academy in Delhi also runs online test series for prelims and mains. Our Tests are strictly patterned on the UPSC examinations. SRIRAM's IAS Academy in Delhi offers courses in English medium only.

n-depth coverage of Syllabus, elimination of irrelevant information, completion of the course in time well ahead of examination, high level of credibility of faculty, continuous evaluation through examinations & study material that is all the time renewed. We also respect and encourage the students to actively participate in class room discussion, relevant questions raised in the class will be answered immediately to the satisfaction of the students and those students who want to raise questions privately can do so too. We do not dumb down. That’s why Genuine aspirants prefer SRIRAM's IAS the Best IAS Academy in Delhi.